New Forge Engineering is a design and manufacturing company. We’re a team of engineers with over 40 years of experience working in the Australian industrial sector. Whilst successfully running our manufacturing and retail business, we’ve gained first-hand experience of the limitations imposed by single part prototypes and small-scale manufacturing. Innovative Australian companies have had to choose between expensive local prototyping and production or resorting to lower-cost overseas manufacturing with extended lead times, quality control issues and language barriers.

We create prototypes for some of Australia’s most exciting new products that are then manufactured at our facilities here in Perth and Brisbane – ensuring fast turnaround times, lower prices per unit than offshore suppliers can offer. The result – speedier prototyping, shorter time to market and reduced manufacturing costs.
The team at New Forge has a passion for Australian industry and is excited to offer the latest in proven additive manufacturing technology to Australian businesses”.
– Andrew Day
Managing Director, New Forge Engineering

Our Foundation
Our headquarters in Malaga houses a team who work with international corporations since 2019. Andrew Day founded the New Forge team- a group of people who are passionate about providing the best from the latest and proven 3D Manufacturing Technology across Australia.

Before New Forge started, our clients chose traditional manufacturing methods that are expensive and can take days to months to produce in Australia or outsource and wait for cheaper parts from overseas creating a dilemma of cost and delivery among other issues. Many engineering, design, and manufacturing companies are looking to take advantage of high-quality 3D printing.

New Forge has the passion, skills and technology to bring you affordable prototypes such as moulds, jigs, fixtures, end-use parts, robotic end effectors, and the likes. Our interests and experiences led us to learn about the complete solution offered by Markforged, giving us the confidence to invest in the technology. Today, New Forge is an authority within the 3D printing industry in Australia by leading the innovation of printing materials like PEEK, PEI, PPSU, and Carbon Fibre.

Our Vision

We are expanding the horizons of 3d printing in Australia by providing solutions for aerospace, defence, marine, mining, and manufacturing companies to help them optimise the way they create their products. Our pleasure is to provide functional, industrial, and affordable 3D printing services to help alleviate bottlenecks in the manufacturing processes of Australian businesses. These precise and gradual steps add up to form a future where the workflow between product concept, prototyping, refinement, and final production becomes seamless.

Our Mission
New Forge aims to raise the standard of 3D printing services in Australia by helping innovative businesses forge the future of manufacturing processes. The pinnacle of our career is to abolish the dilemma between quality, cost, and delivery in additive manufacturing in Australia.