Professional, Affordable, Easy-to-use

New Forge brings an affordable solution to upgrade your business and improve your workflow: scan objects and produce 3D files using Calibry!

Calibry 3D Scanner is a hand-held 3D scanner that is meant to capture objects from 20cm to 10m in length. It can also capture traditionally tricky objects such as black surfaces, shiny objects, sharp edges, and even human hair.

Calibry offers to improve your 3D modelling workflow by simply scanning your object and referencing its surface data in your design. You can also potentially duplicate and recreate your products and parts like they do in movies!

Calibry 3D Scanner Features

  • Built-in Touchscreen
  • Lightweight & Portable – Under 900 gr (1.5lbs). Take it with you anywhere you go.
  • Fast Capture of 30 fps, up to 3M points per second
  • Ability to scan sharp edges, black & shiny objects, and fur or hair
  • Complementary & Powerful software comes with the device
  • Proprietary Camera that makes Calibry faster, cheaper and better.
  • 3 tracking modes – geometry, texture or markers
  • Option to calibrate
  • Almost unlimited-sized scan

Calibry 3D Scanner Specs



Up to 0.1 mm

Accuracy over distance

Up to 0.1 mm over 1 m

Point resolution

Up to 0.6 mm

Depth of view

55-95 cm

Min Field of view

280 x 360 mm

Max Field of view

490 x 650 mm